Xdyne's Cube

Introducing a 3D Brain Twister for you clever puzzlers who need an all around challenge. Our game "Rollout" has been a great success and our Game Wizards figured you'd be up to a similar, but completely new challenge. Remember how the "Rollout" 3x3 puzzle cube with 27 squares was laid flat? Well, now it's a real "3D" cube! That's right, you can spin and turn it while you try and figure it out. Not only that, our Game Wizards respect your mind power abilities and have included a feature to allow you to create your own patterns for the ultimate challenge! Xdyne's Cube has an almost unlimited variety of games for real puzzle value. This is an absolute "must" for you serious Puzzle Solvers! We are also offering an extended game use, Special Offer that allows you to purchase the game for your own use and then give it to as many friends and family as you want, free of charge.
Price USD 19.95
License Purchase
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements None