Chromania Demo

Chromania is the further development of Mix-Master (Amiga/1991). Place the drops and mix the colors to create single colored shapes in a 14x3 vessel matrix. As soon as a shape is filled it vanishes. Chromania has a Training world to learn the mixing of colors and to create basic color shapes. Some shapes can only be done in a (multiple) cascade. Further there is a story mode where the player has to enter the highscore of a world to proceed to the next. Each of the seven worlds has a different game mode. The seventh world is the final in the Chroma Park Stadium where all seven color gates have to be activated. There are three two players modi in the Chroma Hall for heated duels. Players can choose among three color systems, whereas the Classic system is a representation of a model for subtractive color-mixing as in a paintbox, the RGB-system represents the additive mixing of light and the CMY-mode is a representation of the subtractive color-mixing used in the printing industry (or e.g. bubble jet printers). Chromania is kids friendly and has a chapter about color theory and mixing in the manual.
Price USD 39
License Free to try
File Size 15.3 MB
Operating System Windows
System Requirements None