Sudoku Companion

Sudoku is a brainteaser coming from Japan. It is already very popular in the UK and it is starting to conquer other countries. There is only one very simple rule: Fill in the grid so that every column, every row and each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes contains all digits from 1 through 9. Sounds easy? Try it out! Be warned: Sudoku is very addictive! Sudoku Companion tries to make your Sudoku addiction more bearable, though. No, no, it won't solve anything for you, it would be a fun killer, but it will allow you to enjoy solving Sudokus on your Mac without paper, pencil and tons of Tipp-Ex. A new, interesting Sudoku is available on the Sudoku Companion web site daily.
File Size595.7 kB
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
System RequirementsMac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)