Blobyrinth: Maze Island Quest

Blobyrinth brings the feel and difficulty of arcade classics to the mind-bending world of sokoban-style puzzles that pull no punches. You take control of Blobby in his quest to rescue his girl Soozy from the Madness and mad antics of Madbeard! Will you be able to rescue her in time? Along the way you'll be collecting coins, solving block-pushing puzzles that never seem to stop getting more difficult, and avoiding Madbeard's blob guards! Your adventuring will take you through 7 zones, each introducing a new obstacle: The Leafy Lowlands, Igneous Island, Ile de Spooky, The Puzzling Pyramids, The Frosty Flats, The Isle of Industry, and Madbeard's Crazy Sky Castle. Can you solve every puzzle along the path to Soozy? Give it a try in the free one hour demo!
LicenseFree to try
File Size27.97 MB
Operating System Windows Me Windows 98 Windows Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista