World Treasure Quest

World Treasure Quest is an educational game for children and adults based heavily on the content in wikipedia. Subjects include world history, geography, people, math and science. The game has two main elements, a quiz game and a 3D adventure game module. Quiz game: This part of the game is based on a 3D quiz cube overlay on a world map. Random subjects are placed on the faces of 9 quiz cubes and players are asked to identify photographs or answer questions by finding the location on the world map. When the question is answered correctly, a brief description of the item is shown with a link to wikipedia for more info. When all 9 quiz cubes are answered, the player moves onto the next level. 3D adventure game:In this part of the game, players travel to different places and periods in history and play adventure quests. The first adventure game module is based on ancient Rome; players take part in a chariot race to answer math questions or fight a gladiator to win treasure. Future treasure quests include exploring the pyramids in ancient Egypt, rafting the Grand Canyon, climbing mount Everest, taking part in the first Olympic games, exploring the Louvre, going on safari in Africa, racing in the Monaco Grand Prix, and escaping from been trapped in Ice with the Shackleton expedition. Educating the world: The goal of the game is to education children and adults in a fun and exciting way. The developers would like this game to be of benefit to people all around the world, especially in places where knowledge of the outside world is often quite limited. The game is available in 27 languages and is based on wikipedia and independently researched content. The game attempts to present an interesting, factual and unbia
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