MostFun Luxor: Amun Rising - Free Unlimited Play V

You've been issued the challenge of saving Egypt from the evil and rebellious Princess of Megiddo. Your weapon of choice? A magical winged scarab. Take advantage of Scorpion power-ups, which set loose poisonous critters that help remove some of your vicious spherical enemies. Point of Game: To rid Ancient Egypt of a seemingly limitless numbers of threatening spheres. If you make it through the 88 levels, you are the unofficial King of the World. Quick Instructions: Use your mouse to slide your scarab along the bottom of the screen. Left click your mouse to shoot. Right click your mouse to swap out your current ammo for the next. Good For: Luxor fans, closet Pharaohs, and sand dwellers. Keep an eye out for the speed-shot power-up, which allows your scarab to issue balls at a much speedier rate than it normally does. Version 1.2.5 includes unspecified updates.
License Free
File Size 615.23 kB
Version 1.2.5
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows Vista Windows XP
System Requirements Windows 2000/XP/Vista