This is a simple and challenging word scramble game. The more words you unscramble, the higher your score. The word scramble game covers 20 different topics. Choose a theme, 01 Animals & Insects, 02 Words that are related to the Louisiana bayous, 03 Words that contain E and N, 04 Things you handle with care, 05 Things you find in a bottle, 06 Words related to archaeology, 07 All kinds of potatoes, 08 Things found in shipyards, 09 Words about vision, 10 Parts of a bike, 11 Words from the U.S. supreme court, 12 Things having to do with plywood, 13 Having to do stardom, 14 Words you add the word double to, 15 Words related to the phone, 16 Words related to a Rodeo, 17 Words related to veterinary care, 18 Words related to scary movies, 19 Words related to money, 20 Names of Great Thinkers.
License Free
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Version 1
Operating System Windows Windows 2000 Windows XP
System Requirements Windows 2000/XP