RedLeg SuDoku offers a complete range from simple sudoku puzzles with hints, errors and alternatives for starters to very difficult sudoku puzzles which can be time limited. You can make personal pencil notes and play different variants such as the abc and singapore version, a math, greek letter or geometric shapes and color version. Besides 3x3 (9x9) pure sudoku puzzles you can play and solve all variants from 2x2 (4x4) up to 4x4 (16x16), the sudoku solver also solves variants. Furthermore it can generate and solve the most fiendish sudoku puzzles and it solves sudoku puzzles that have more than one solution. With the puzzle generator you can create an unlimited number of different puzzles, you can enter a puzzle from your newspaper, use it as a solver or design a puzzle yourself. Sudoku puzzles can be stored, printed, imported and exported or copied into any document. RedLeg SuDoku also keeps track of statistical data, it is multi language and supports multiple users.Version improves the Fiendish level.
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System RequirementsWindows (all)