RuniX is a tile matching game, but with a twist! Of course, the tiles must be the same design in order to match them and remove them from the game. However, there must also be a clear path between the tiles. The definition of a clear path is: you must be able to draw a line between the two tiles that have no more than two bends in it. The game will show you the path choosen after a valid match -- it won't take long to get the hang of it! RuniX includes several variations on the basic game as well as many different and lovely sets of runes. Changing to a new game variant will alter the rules of the game. Changing to a new tile set will alter the difficulty of matching the runes. The combination of game world and rune set makes for dozens of different combinations. We also have an Easy - Average - Hard preference selection to make the game even more flexible! RuniX provides both Windowed & Full Screen display modes, and an Aqua interface featuring the "Chrome" theme for the game skin. RuniX includes full Mac Help, including strategy tips and a description of the rules of the game. The game also includes an animated dock icon. Classic Classic contains the original set of puzzles that came with the NEXTSTEP game "AcChen". It is moderately challenging. Classic Plus Classic Plus expands the Classic set of puzzles to take advantage of the new larger play area available. It is moderately challenging. Blocked Blocked contains a challenging set of puzzles. Beware of the immobile pieces and don't get trapped. Flatland Flatlands is our easiest game designed especially for children. All levels are only one layer! The levels start very easy and slowly build up in complexity. Perfect for motivating children's eye-hand coordination as well as pattern matching. After finishing Flatlands you are ready for our more advanced tutorial -- Progressive. Progressive Progressive contains a varietly of puzzles appropriate for those just starting out with Runix. This is the perfect tutorial game to learn how to play RuniX. Timeless Timeless is a leisurely game with -- no time limit! It is a relaxing solitaire style game with moderately challenging levels.
Operating System macOS 10.12 Macintosh macOS 10.13