Click on the following links for the driver package readme info:.../extract/Readme.txt This package supports the following driver models:CRD-254P MP6200A MP6201S CD-ROM CR-5850 CD-ROM CR-583 DVD-ROM SR-8581 CD-ROM CR-585 CD-ROM CR-572 DVD-ROM SR-8582 CD-ROM CR-581 FUNAI E2650 1 CD-912E/ATK ATAPI CD-ROM SPEED (CD-Rom Drive) CD-524E CD-55E CD-512E CD-56E CD-220EA CD-ROM GCD-R580B CD-ROM CRD-8160B CD-ROM GCD-R520B CD-ROM CRD-8240B CD-ROM GCD-R5401 CD-ROM 8160B CD-ROM PCA80SC CM207 CDD3610 CD-R/RW CD-ROM CDU55E 1 CD-ROM CDU571 CD-ROM CDU77E DVD-ROM DDU100E CD-ROM CDU511 CD-ROM CDU76E-S CD-ROM CDU76E-Q CD-ROM CDU311 CD-WRITER 6020 CD-WRITER+ 7200 CD 620E CD 1220E CD-ROM DM-XX24 CD-ROM DRIVE:253 CD-ROM DRIVE:280 CD-ROM DRIVE:282 CD-ROM DRIVE:286 CD-ROM DRIVE:252 CD-ROM DRIVE:251 CD-ROM DRIVE:285 CD-ROM DRIVE:462 CD-ROM DRIVE:272 CD-ROM DRIVE:273 CD-ROM DRIVE:284 CD-ROM DRIVE:500 CD-ROM DRIVE:502 AZT 66801I 0 XM-3501TA XM-3601TA CD-ROM XM-5702B CD-ROM XM-5602B CD-ROM XM-5302TA CD-ROM XM-6102B DVD-ROM CDD-820 CD-ROM CD-ROM FX140S CD-ROM FX120T CD-ROM FX810T CD-ROM FX600T CD-ROM FX240S MITSUMI_CR-2600TE_2 CDR-S100 GD-2000 CDR-7830 HITACHI CDR-7830 2 CDR-7930 CDR-8130 CDR-8230 DVD-ROM GD-2000 SCR-730 PX-8XCS CD-ROM PX-4XCS CD-ROM PX-12TS CD-ROM PX-20TS CD-ROM PX-4XCH CD-ROM PX-6XCS PD-1 LF-1195C COMPAQ_CRD-S311_1 PD-1 LF-1094C CD-ROM LTN222 CD-ROM LTN262 G CD-ROM LTN264 5X CD-ROM 616A-003 SPEED-12X ACER CD-525E ACER CD-24X/AKOx CD-ROM 24X/AKOX CDD-1020 CDD-620 CDR-622 CD-ROM CDR_S18 Crystal WDM Audio Codec
File Size3.19 MB
Operating System Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows Windows NT
System Requirements<li>Windows NT 4 SP 6</li><li>Windows 2003 SP 1</li><li>Windows XP AMD 64-bit</li><li>Windows XP 64-bit SP 1</li><li>Windows NT 4 SP 2</li><li>Windows 2000 SP 1</li><li>Windows 2003 64-bit</li><li>Windows 2003 AMD 64-bit</li><li>Windows XP 64-bit SP 2</li><li>Windows NT 4 SP 3</li><li>Windows 2000 SP 2</li><li>Windows Server 2003 x64 R2</li><li>Windows 2000</li><li>Windows 2003 64-bit SP 1</li><li>Windows Vista AMD 64-bit</li><li>Windows XP Itanium 64-bit</li><li>Windows NT 4 SP 4</li><li>Windows 2000 SP 3</li><li>Windows NT 4</li><li>Windows XP 32-bit</li><li>Windows XP SP 1</li><li>Windows Server 2003 x86 R2</li><li>Windows ME</li><li>Windows 2003 Itanium 64-bit</li><li>Windows NT 4 SP 5</li><li>Windows 2000 SP 4</li><li>Windows Vista 32-bit</li><li>Windows XP 64-bit</li><li>Windows NT 4 SP 1</li><li>Windows Server 2008 x64</li><li>Windows NT 3</li><li>Windows Server 2008 x86</li><li>Windows XP</li><li>Windows Server 2008</li><li>Windows 2003</li><li>Windows Vista Itanium 64-bit</li><li>Windows XP Itanium 64-bit SP 1</li><li>Windows 2003 32-bit</li><li>Windows XP Itanium 64-bit SP 2</li><li>Windows XP SP 2</li><li>Windows 95</li><li>Windows 98</li><li>Windows Vista</li><li>Windows NT</li><li>Windows 2003 Itanium 64-bit SP 1</li><li>Windows XP Pro</li>