Princess Potion and Fashion

Reveal the princess in you with the right ingredients to make all of your princess dreams come true! Trust your hunch mix and create the potion that will transform your witch self to a bewitchingly beautiful princess. It's that easy - but hurry, you only have limited time before you turn to be your ugliest witch form. As a gorgeous Princess, you get to enjoy the royal life you deserve. Choose your hair, matching dress, shoes, bag, and crown, and go on a date with your handsome Prince Charming. Princess Magic: Beauty Potion is a one of a kind game that kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy. The game is quite simple. You start as an ugly witch and the goal is to transform into a gorgeous Princess by mixing the right ingredients and creating the correct potion. Mix and match the items on top and it can either move your progress closer to become a princess or move you back down into an even uglier witch - and we don't want that to happen so you must be very, very careful. Some ingredients have a reload time, so the key is to make use of them smartly. You can stay in the game as long as you don't reach the critical ugly witch stage, and if you do, this means that you failed the stage. But once you've mixed the correct ingredients within the time limit, then you're officially a royal princess. As a newly transformed Princess, you get to experience a lavish lifestyle with lots of perks fit for a royal. You can magically change your clothes - from elegant gowns to stylish dresses and skirts. You can also pair it with the most fashionable pair of shoes and accessorize with bags and your very own jeweled tiara. After you have dressed to perfection, you can enjoy a themed date with your handsome Prince. Princess Magic: Beauty Potion is one of a kind game that is simple, easy, and fun to play making it the perfect game for little girls and little girls at heart.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements iOS 9.0 or later