Road Trip Adventures: The Sunken Isles

A choose-your-own audio adventure story with pirates, puzzles, and adventure!Play a new kind of game made for everyone traveling in a car.------------------------------------------------------Play together on the roadBest with friends--audio-based gameplay means even the driver gets to play (without using the mobile device)!---------------------------Your choices matterYour actions in the game have consequences, even across chapters of the same story. Choose wisely!---------------------------Rewind choices any timeJump back and change your in-game decisions by choosing another. This is your story!---------------------------More adventures to comeThe Sunken Isles is available today, with more adventures coming soon!------------------------------------------------------If you enjoy reading choose-your-own-adventure stories, game books like the Joe Dever's Lone Wolf series, or story-driven games like Sorcery, then you will love Road Trip Adventures!Play an interactive story together over your car audio or bluetooth system. Make choices and go on an adventure together! This is the perfect game for road trips and flights. Even the driver gets to play!------------------------------------------------------The first Road Trip Adventures story is The Sunken Isles. A seafaring adventure with pirates and danger, puzzles and mysterious mechanisms, and a slim chance of escaping safely!------------------------------------------------------And remember, take driving safety seriously and don't let the driver use the mobile device while playing!
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.