AR Dollhouse

AR Dollhouse - Interactive, Fun, and Educational Game for Children - It makes them familiar with furniture/household items and their correct placements within the Dollhouse. It's simple, it's fun and educative - The app/game is designed for children (preschoolers and kindergarteners), virtually delivers them with packages one after another (through an AR enabled animated truck), these packages can have any furniture / household item and they have to place that given household good/furniture correctly, e.g. "Stove" has to be placed within the kitchen, "Bed" has to be placed within the bedroom and so on. Being in the AR, the game triggers with a marker (printout) - download the marker from, print and place the marker on a flat surface in a way that the road is facing you - (A truck will use this road to drop you the packages). You can choose the time duration for playing the game (1 to 3 minutes), between the chosen time duration you can grab as many points as you can - Truck, loaded with furniture item (within a package) can be called by clicking on next, tap on the package as it delivers and you will get the item to be placed, tap to choose the correct room for placing that furniture item and tap next This is how it goes. You can move around the Dollhouse by using the rotate button (for watching it or even for choosing the room for placing any object). Once done, it will ask you whether you want to make your scores better and will give you the details about your correctly and wrongly placed items. Note: You can even play the game by scanning the marker loaded on your desktop, tablet or any other screen than your smartphone/tablet on which you play the game but recommended is to use the printout.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 91.77 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None