Paper Tales

Aristotle the moose, Tock-Tock the woodpecker, and other wonderful paper cartoon characters lead kids through a paper forest on a very papery adventure. We learn, play, and create something new together and these friends always want to have fun! Each unique location in the game is filled with interactive items which when activated, trigger interactions with the characters, and can be combined to produce unexpected results. In the forest, the garden, or the kitchen - excitement is guaranteed! A world of papery surprises and experiments await. What happens if you put mushrooms in the fire? What do bunnycats eat? What do paper aliens look like? The answers might not alway be obvious, but they make children laugh every time. Papermates' unique character editor allows you to transform your favorite friends! A bunnycat becomes a polka dot bunnywolf! And ZAP! -- Aristotle the Moose becomes Horace the deer! Draw or take a photos and add it to the look of any character. Then print the specially prepared templates and art and your child can play in real life. Get your paper and scissors ready. 6 game locations: paper forest, kitchen, Aristotle's room, repairs in Leo the Lion Cub's house, garden, Mysterious Island. 14 characters - each character can be customized, printed, and then folded to make a paper toy. Interactive creative character studio. Children explore and learn. All items in the game are interactive. Use photos to create new patterns. Gender neutral. Complete creative freedom - there is no 'game over' in Paper Tales. Optimized for smart phones and tablets.
Price USD 2.99
License Purchase
Operating System iOS
System Requirements iOS 8.0 or later