Hugo - Magic in the Troll Woods

Hugo, Magic in Troll Woods is an action packed, physics-based platform adventure games for kids - available in FOUR languages : English, German, Spanish and Portugese. RENT it right now on Roozz. Without thinking of the consequences, humans began to clear the forest and thereby woke up inadvertently the bad, which since long time buried and was long forgotten. Unnoticed by humans, the troll of the forest discovered however the bad and decided to destroy it before it would add damage to the forest or humans. In the process of the play "Hugo: Magic in the Trollwoods" Hugo goes on an adventurous journey, to fight against the bad, to solve diverse mysteries and open hidden items, in order to become more powerful. Join Hugo as he travels deep into the woods on an epic quest to defeat the Root of all evil. Only with your help can Hugo restore tranquility to a world on the brink of chaos. As a guardian of troll village, entrusted with the Elders Staff, you must seek the help of the Animal Leaders to awaken the true powers of this sacred weapon and restore peace to the land. You'll need to jump, slide, swing and climb your way through the wild woods in order to complete your mission. Save the forest animals that have been transformed into evil shadow creatures, save Troll Woods. Entirely new way of playing Hugo the Troll : Rent it on Roozz on a daily basis.
Price USD0.99
License Purchase
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows Windows 2003 Windows XP
System Requirements 1mb Roozz plugin, DirectX 9.0c library