Solitaire Mania Pro for Palm OS

With more than 700 games this is the largest solitaires collection for PalmOS! Supreme graphics and animation, high quality sound effects and multiple settings. Game features Fully working demo version - You can download SMPro and try it before buying to be sure it's right for you. Over 700 solitaire games - The largest PalmOS solitaire collection, including FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, Canfield, Forty Thieves, Pyramid, and Yukon. Color and greyscale support - Supports all color and greyscale devices running PalmOS 3.5 and higher. High resolution support - Supports all high resolution palmOne and Sony devices (standard 320x320, portrait 320x480 and landscape 480x320), including Sony Clie's running PalmOS 4.1. PalmOS 5 support - Enhanced to work with all devices running PalmOS 5 and higher. Animated backgrounds and plug-ins - You may download and install full-screen animated backgrounds and plug-ins for your game (for high-resolution PalmOS 5 devices only). JPEG Background - You may use JPEG image files as background in the game. It is required that the files be installed on a memory card and your device is with an ARM processor. Background pictures - You can display many different pictures under the cards, including additional ones downloaded from Card back pictures - You can choose from among many different card back pictures. Background colors - You can choose any color your device supports as the background. External memory support - Much of SMPro and all of its background and card back pictures can be loaded into external memory. High quality sound support - Supports high quality sound for newer devices, and standard sound for older ones. Left-handed layout option No moves remaining detection - Alerts you when there are no moves left in a game, at which point you may use the undo button to replay portions of your game or start a new game. Favorites - SMPro can track your favorite games separate from the rest. Filters - SMPro gives you the ability to filter the list of games according to multiple criteria, like skill level, odds of winning, etc., making it easier to find a game you'd like to play. Hints - SMPro can show you an available move when you get stuck. Undo/redo - You can undo even the longest game to replay any move. Save/load - You can save a game to resume later. Auto-resume last game - When you return to SMPro, you're right where you left off. Drag 'n' drop/single tap play modes - You can move one or more cards by dragging and dropping or a single tap. Auto-jump to foundations - You can configure SMPro to automatically place cards in the foundations; this can reduce fatigue and time needed to complete a game. Tool bar - While playing a game, SMPro can display a tool bar with many common options. Game rules - While playing a game, SMPro can display the rules. Statistics - Detailed statistics for each game and across all games. Top scores - The best scores for each game and across all games. Quick preview - Shows card layout, difficulty, odds of winning, etc., right from the games list. Battery status - SMPro shows the battery level in the tool bar so you can watch it while playing. Clock - SMPro shows the current time in the tool bar. Animation - SMPro animates card movements, but you can disable the animation if you prefer. Game seed - You can control the random number generator used to shuffle the cards for each game so you can try every variation of a game or repeat the same game as often as you like. Restart - Restart the current game exactly as before.
File Size1.53 MB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.50 or above
  • RAM 917 kb