Poor Spike, he hates being in his doghouse, but that's just where he's going unless you solve the puzzle in this challenging, fast-paced version of Hangman. But beware, four wrong letter choices and Spike's gone, doggone it. Features: Over 1,000 tough puzzles Seven puzzle categories - People, Occupations, Phrases, Things, Animals, Places and Song Titles Supports COLOR and black & white Hi-res enhanced for Palm OS 5.0 Tungsten and Clie devices 5-Way Navigator support for Tungsten and Treo devices Automatically saves your current game Built-in game instructions Random puzzle generation ensures you never solve the same puzzle twice Skip Puzzle option for when you're stumped Works great with all Palm Zires and Treo 600s.
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS 3.5 or Higher