ImagePlugin for HanDBase

Add full color image support to HanDBase. ImagePlugin is a HanDBase 3.0 Plugin that adds the ability to display color images at a low and high resolution to your databases. Easy setup, easy to use. Sony High-Res and Palm HighDensity (OS5) screens are fully supported. Supported image formats: PictureGear Pocket (native), JPEG (OS5 devices only) and SplashPhoto (versions 3 & 4). Please read the included manual for instructions on setting up a database to use the ImagePlugin. Custom VFS paths fully supported. This allows the user to load PGP and JPEG images from any directory on the expansion card. Previous (/Splash/ and /VFS/) directories are still supported for ease and backwards compatibility.
File Size422.85 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • PalmOS