GameBox Solitaire I

GameBox Solitaire is an amazing high quality card game pack including 10 well-known card games. Incredible graphics, high quality music and sound effects, smooth card animations, alpha effects and fantastic playability makes this a long standing best-seller for both Pocket PC and Palm OS. Features: Ten card games: Blind Alleys, Canfield, Chinese, East Haven, Fourteen Out, Freecell, Golf, Klondike, Pyramid, Pyramid golf High quality graphics: High quality, authentic tables and cards of unseen quality Hint feature: A new hint feature will help you learn into the games faster and notice possible moves easier. ** UPDATED ** Ambient music: Three sound tracks totalling over 15 minutes made by Jason Surguine, the well-known PDA musician. (Music is not available on some Palm OS devices) Visual effects: Packed with visual effects, such as shadows, rotated cards, smooth card animations and alpha effects Save Game: Games are automatically saved when you exit, so you can continue where you've left off Unlimited Undos: Unlimited undos and replay feature gives you a chance to correct any error you make Detailed options: Detailed options let you change how cards are sorted, dealt, moved, flipped and played.
Price USD 14.95
License Purchase
File Size 2.57 MB
Version 3.0
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.x