Little Pickle - Cetriolino

There will be 100 different pickles, and your target will be to capture them all! Move your finger to guide a jar in order to catch them falling from above!There will be explosive pickles that'll make you lose lives, others that will make you lose points.. it isn't going to be easy! The more time a game lasts, the harder it's going to be with pickles getting faster and more frequent!Not all those little green things will be easy to get: there are 10 different maps, and there are going to be exclusive ones in each one of them. Don't worry though, you'll be able to buy all the maps with in game coins!There's also going to be a store, where you'll be able to buy maps, coins, and jars containing rare pickles that maybe you wouldn't be lucky enough to find normally.There are also going to be various bonuses and hidden easter eggs, who knows if you'll be able to find them all...Catching them all however won't be enough to finish the game: you'll also have to complete all the achievements (that are going to have rewards)!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.3.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0 and up