Aqua Park - Water Slide Park Fun Race

Get into the water rush. Join us on our newest and most popular water game today for FREE. Tap to slide your way into no 1 spot by beating other sliders. Keep sliding to the next level and win again. Its such a relaxing game but it satisfies your competitive side as well. People also love theme parks and water parks because its full of fun things to do, including sliding on the slide pool. So why not try our game today?Relaxing games need not to be boring. Relaxing games need to be exciting and thrilling to keep you engaged. There are many water games out there, but we have one of the most fun water games for you. The concept is pretty simple: tap to make the water sliders sliding on the pool slides. If you beat other players, you can move on to the next level. You have to bypass other sliders on your way to the pool. Its a FREE game. You should try it! It takes only a minute or less to download but it will give you plenty of excitement. This fun race might be similar to run race game, but different with surfer games because you dont have to watch out for dangers and obstacles. Surfer games can be very intense and it requires lots of energy to stay focused to avoid hitting dangerous objects.=== FEATURES OF AQUA PARK - WATER SLIDE PARK FUN RACE: ===Get into water rush and enjoy our colorful theme park atmosphere.Simple game: Tap the screen to control the sliding.Unlock other slider charactersBeat other players to move on to the next level.No dangers or obstacles: relax as you play.Cool aquapark game for the whole family!Try to be an aquaman and best slider by winning the fun raceSmooth game control and gaming experience.Lightweight game that wont take too much battery power.Since this is a relaxing game, we wont make the game too complicated, competitive, or difficult to play. We want you to simply enjoy sliding, splashing around in this sunny, cheerful, water theme park. You don't have to sweat to run race. You dont have to be an aquaman beating your enemies down, or become a super fast surfer down the subway, neither you should sweat on a run race. Just join us and enter this fun, exciting aquapark today!So, what do you think about our water game? Do you like it? We hope you enjoy your time playing aquaman who are expert in sliding on the water slides on our water theme park. Splashing around in hot weather in a water rush is always fun.Please help us out! We are constantly trying to improve our game and keep our players happy. Could you leave us a rating and review to support us? If you have any issue with the game, please contact us by email and let us know about your problem and your Android version. We will work hard to make sure we fix every error and problem as soon as possible!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up