Idle Biology

Idle Biology is a really fun and entertaining idle clicker game 2020 for your friends and family. Idle Biology is an incremental idle clicker game that has reasonable logic. No doubt, life is beautiful and every moment - a celebration of being alive, but one should be always ready to face adversity and challenges. A mass extinction event has hit the earth, wiping out nearly all life on the planet. The human race, having detected this event coming, did what they could to shelter their best and brightest with the necessary previsions to survive. However, a far more pressing issue arises: without other life on the planet the human race would die off eventually anyway. Therefore, biologists and geneticists from shelters around the world work together tirelessly to bring back each animal and plant lost one by one. One such shelter leads the mass restoration efforts. Even they however have had difficulty saving the required researchers. It is unlikely that the entirety of life on earth will be brought back within the lifetime of a single scientist a line of succession the teacher had finished themselves. Progress will be slow, but it is currently the only hope available to bring back all lifeforms on earth from extinction. Idle Clicker Game 2020 Features: Generate DNA by taping Hire doctors to generate DNA. Produce animals from DNA. Upgrades to gain various features and speed up your productions. Having real-world scenario, there will be some percentage of research accuracy e.g 100 research points with 25% accuracy will generate 25 DNA and the same for DNA to animal production. Buy drivers for vehicles to autoload and drop your research and DNA. Gather in-game dollars, by playing the game or by purchasing, to upgrade buildings. Open new areas of research for the production of different animals.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android