Avoid the falling fire to smash as many boxes as possible!! Can you beat your high score?Don't forget to rate the game and leave a comment!capital champion fine fly top awesome bang-up excellent first-rate whiz-bang wonderful administrator chief chieftain director employer executive leader owner supervisor controller exec foreperson head honcho overseer superintendent wheel big-cheese big-gun big-person dominator head-honcho helmer person-in-charge taskperson top-dog big-whig administer administrate chaperone direct employ manage overlook oversee quarterback run superintend supervise survey take-charge action altercation argument battle bout brawl clash combat conflict confrontation contest controversy disagreement dispute duel exchange feud match melee quarrel riot rivalry round scuffle skirmish struggle war wrangling affray broil brush contention difficulty dissension dogfight engagement fisticuffs fracas fray free-for-all fuss hostility joust row ruckus rumble scrap scrimmage set-to strife tiff to-do tussle battle-royal sparring-match attack aggression aggressiveness backbone belligerence boldness combativeness gameness hardihood mettle militancy militant battle royal pluck skirmish pugnacity resistance spirit attack battle challenge clash meet protect resist altercate altercation assault bicker box brawl buck contend dispute duel feud grapple joust oppugn quarrel repel rowdy scrap scuffle skirmish spar strive struggle tiff tilt traverse tug tussle war withstand wrangle wrestle bandy-with bear-arms brush-with carry-on war cross-sword do-battle exchange-blows re-up go-to-war mix-it-up ply-weapons take-all-comers take-the-field take-up-the gauntlet wage-war
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 3.0 and up