Power Shooter! 3D asteroids space game

More sci fi space ships now you will choose. 6 deadly sci fi space fighters are to destroy all asteroids, through in all the brightest and most colourful levels shoot all asteroids down to free our space from rocks and secure the strategic galactic trade routs.Asteroids space game - maybe - the best recognizable type of space shooter - starts its roots from the early era of video gaming and suggests the classic & extremely dynamic gameplay and a ton of fun. You explore the big rocks in the deep space & you control the futuristic spacefighter machine which is your own space ship. You fly at top speed around and hunt all the asteroids to make the area clear.THE SPACE GAMEIn the beginning you are in the middle of the screen, it is open space around, and you're just a lonely fighter in the big Universe. You're challenging the dangers of the deep space, you're surrounded by tons of heavy & fast asteroids - all different sizes and speed approaching you. The mission of the game is to shoot 'em all these asteroids down to free our space for the better future & better trading routes. BEWARE: if only you shoot a larger asteroid and it'll fall apart into smaller rocks and they are still dangerous for your ship and to your life. Choose the proper strategy and train your flight skill at maximum, use all the reaction to stay alive.HOW TO CONTROL THE SPACE SHIPWe have performed a thousand tests and spend a hundred sleepless nights to bring the very remarkable one-touch game control solution right to your attention. Imagine that now and on it is indeed one-tap control and no more boring joysticks and wet hands! It's Easy and Loads of Fun!1) You touch any spot on the screen and the spaceship shoots in that direction. You move your finger and the spaceship responds immediately rotating into that direction aiming the 'bad guys' which are asteroids.And then:2) How to move the spaceship? As soon as you release the touch, the spacecraft boosts at the high speed into the point where the touch was released. The bigger distance between your finger and the space craft - the faster it goes and a higher acceleration it will take. Yes-yes, it is a fast pace game! You only imagine.A HINT FOR YOU:3) On its flight the ship still can shoot in all directions! When it boosts you touch the screen again immediately and shoot again, and it'll continue the run but still eliminating nasty rocks all around itself.Hope, you enjoy the controls & the full game too!Send a line to us for any suggestions - and we shall improve the perfection.THE SPACEGAME HISTORYThe asteroids game class is a beautiful genre by itself and it's nice to have a one minute game in a pocket. It is considered already a classic gameplay for both space and arcade genres and exists in the world for over 30+ years, arrived first time to the very first consoles. Alike to many classic arcade games you win when all the asteroids are crushed into dust - try all levels, the difficulty is increasing! The other objective is to obtain the highest score, destroying all the asteroids and still be alive - the higher level the more of asteroids constantly increasing the dynamics of this beautiful arcade game.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 22
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up