Feed The Dude - no diet, fast reflexes arcade game

Feed the little yellow dude until he is fat and big, make him grow so much!If you can handle stress play right now this little very little old school arcade style game where you need to have quick reflexes and accuracy to move some yellow small boy very fast to feed and make him grow fat with his food before the food disappears. You can play it anywhere: in your house, street or even in office but watch out with your boss :PFeatures:* Old school arcade style* Pixelart graphics* difficulty increases over time every 8 points* short but hard game* lots of delicious food.How to play:This is a fast reflexes/ accuracy game, move and feed the little dude very quickly with your finger, tap the screen and slide the yellow and cute ball looking boy, then test your reflexes and try to hit and eat the food that comes non stop, Fruit, donuts, Hamburgers, etc. on the small black mouth of the guy very quickly before the food disappears, you need to aim at the small food and hit it, you really need to be quick when you tap and slide but don't worry buddy dont stop trying your hit accuracy will get better after you practice, when you make 8 points the difficulty will increment a bit then 8 points later a bit more.The game is small and innocent looking but hard, it has an old school arcade style so you need to start again if you lose, you need to have crazy fast reflexes like a boss so beware it can be stressful at times, be brave, test and train your accuracy skills and to get the best score.Epic Story:Yellow dude was a small and cute ball looking boy but he was very lonely, there was a lot of stress on his house and his parents were very rude with him, one day his dad came home tired for working on the office and told him dear dumb son you are very yellow why dont you go to take some sun and get some color... you know more reddish this small boy then went outside to walk on the streets of his small city and he felt depressed after his father called him dumb and yellow, he was sad walking and walking with no direction thinking about his problems, later on his home he started to play video games on his 4k tv and using internet like crazy, he became a jerk and an internet troll, some people on internet called him troll so he became even more depressed. Later he found a snacks store while he was walking on the street and he started eating so much that day, he spend so much time eating on the store until the manager got rude with him and kicked him out.Later the now jerk yellow dude broke his diet and become obsessed with snacks in a bad way, now he wants to eat all the time to relieve his sadness, he is obsessed with food he just cant stop eating all day, he likes all kind of food and snacks, (his favorite being pizza) feed him with hamburgers, pizza, fruit, donuts or even hot peppers, he is kinda extreme sometimes, he is not much into candies though, thank god because his sugar levels then would go through the roof.One day while yellow dude was walking to the snacks store because he was very hungry some drunk jerk in his car crashed with the store and all food was flying everywhere.And here starts the game and your mission buddy.With your finger in contact with your smartphone or tablet screen you act as an inter-dimensional weird alien giant creature who moves the poor tiny dude to feed him with the food that is flying everywhere and make him grow before his food disappears, diet wont work here (you actually need to make him very fat like a balloon) but dont worry yellow dude is cute but he wont get scared with your big finger, he is brave just clean it first.Enjoy this stressful but fun quick game and test your skills but dont forget buddy its your duty to feed this sad small boy and make him grow as much as a balloon so he learns that it is bad to eat so much, poor innocent tiny dude, please make him grow so much that he becomes very fat and sick of food for good.p.s. Eat healthy.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android