Love to do Practical jokes?This is the game made for you. Neighbor Prank Game is one of the latest 3D horror escape games. Brace yourself for epic fun with the best scary prank survival game. Get naughty and playful and make fool of neighbors next door.Stunning 3D graphicsExciting Scary prank levelsHide & Seek in the scary neighborhoodCaptivating Horror sounds and musicKeep hostage and escape swiftlyExplore more on neighbors escape gameNeighbor prank game is a story based simulation game, where you are given a number of exciting tasks to perform. A family is relocated in the house next door. It's time to play tricks with them. Nuclear family has mom, dad and their two kids. They shifted their stuff yesterday. You need to scare them away with the pranks giving them an impression of scary neighborhood and haunted house.Next Door mystery games are so entertaining that you will crave for more tasks. Spooky neighbors escape game has multiple levels with numerous tasks to perform at each level. Complete the tasks successfully to move to the advance levels. It's more of a hide & seek game where you need to perform prank in a stealth mode. Watch your steps and do not make any noise. You also get to keep hostage kids of neighbors next door.Trespass and break in to the neighbors house and create a horror story to scare the crap out of them in the scary neighborhood: DWe know your love for the horror escape games, so its a blend of scary prank games and escape games. Perform the task and move away fast so they could never guess. Make them believe that it's a scary neighborhood and they should move out as soon as they can. If you carry out this mission successfully, you win the game. Spooky neighbors escape game gets super scary in the middle so do not get anxious yourself.Create mysteries for the couple and their kids. This will raise their doubts. Stay low key and make relation of each activity in the haunted house. Play next door mystery games all day and night. Do not get caught or the game will be over. Show your prank game skills and disappear after each activity. Let the neighbors next door wonder and solve the mystery in the adventure scary prank survival game.Challenge yourself and display your escape games skills here. Its feels like a serial killer simulation game but it's actually not. Its just a funny neighbor prank game.Key value to expect:Its a free to play spooky neighbors escape game: Download the "Neighbor Prank Game: 3D Horror Escape Games" Now
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up