American Iron Avenger

American Iron Avenger is the hero of this awesome free Android game, from a series of amazing superheroes from the future that fight to save the worlds in the Bad Wolf Universe! American Iron Avenger is the new identity of Steve Willow, a former police officer of the Rosewall Police Department, that almost lost his life while investigating the murder of his late partner. Steve becomes the victim of an accident at an experimental testing facility which led him to his prime suspect, whom will eventually prove to be Steve's savior and help him become American Iron Avenger. Now he must train to become the protector we all need against injustice, violence, corruption and apathy.American Iron Avengers armor is made from a mix of strong metals with a steel base, powered by a small nuclear reactor that gives him mobility, speed and strength to capture villains. American Iron Avenger uses super jump abilities to get fast from one destination to another. Our robotic cop is in his final test stage, to see if the real steel armor can hold up to his extreme power and speed.Play this new amazing game for free and enjoy!By constantly supplying American Iron Avenger with nuclear power cells, you ensure to reach the greatest of his capacity. Maybe only a little extreme, but for sure it is fun to play and hard to master. Jump from building to building at increasing speed while collecting as many power cells as possible. Beat your friend's high-score! Test your endurance and reflexes! Take huge leaps from rooftop to rooftop! Enjoy!
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 3.0 and up