Noscope Flappy - MLG Bird Version - The Parody

Thank you for all the great and funny reviews:-Yesby uraqt97"Couldn't see the screen cause fedoras kept blocking the way. 10/10"-420/69-IGNby FreddySalinas"Game critics call this the most MLG game ever yolo mcswag"-This game is gr8 m8by Numa numa ye"Such an inspirational story, I'm emotionally attracted to this amazing game. Keep the quix scope goin"-Gr8st Game in the History of Foreverby Vernonator21"Seriously, this game is absolutely hysterical. Every time I play it I'm in tears by the end."-The Bestby David Dubina"Hands down the greatest game ever to be released in the apple App Store"-8/8 gr8 Anonymous9271047639193028"All I have to say is WOW! ;) 8/8 would ign. As somebody once said, " w33d is ma lyfe." This app definitely portrays that. Would recommend to anybody who's with mlg."-gr8 b8 m9by Coolness 12345678910"All of the mlg gods combined their powers to create the all powerful LORD GABEN and he took his blessing and have it to a young boy to create this masterpiece"-20/69-IGNby 420yoloswagthomasthetrain"THIS GAME MADE ME PEE"-Snoop Dog Approvesby z"I talked to snoop the other day. He recommended me this dank game. I tried it out, now look at me, my high score is 420. I am as high as snoop right now."-Best game everby Pimp daddy swagger pants"Duuuude this game is amazing and addicting get it now now u will Neve be the same after this we got snoop dogg and mlg and swagritos it doesn't get any better get it now. Get the sanic and be free!!!! Be free!!!!! Peace out bros stay awsome this isn't pewds tho sorry sp out!!!!!!!!!"-Gr8 d8 8/8 r8 m8by Splenda Mommy"If I could marry a game it would be this one. I would sacrifice my first born for this game. This game has consumed my every waking moments since downloading and I can no longer differentiate my dreams from reality as all I know has become Noscope Bird. Flap. Flap, flap. The pipes. They're everywhere. You cannot escape the dancing Snoop Dogg. Everywhere, they're everywhere."
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.