Zompy Jumpy -Run & Jump Zombie Survival Indie Game

You've probably heard of the walking dead, and maybe even the running dead, but how about the dancing dead? Don't fear the dancing dead, jump over them! Zip up your tracksuit and see how long you can survive jumping over a hoard of blocky dancing zombies. The road to survival in this game is to jump & double jump to avoid zombies. Eat a granola bar to add health and continue jogging on the moving highway. Simple yet challenging gameplay.v Retro graphicsv Retro music & sound effectsv Dancing block styled zombiesv Colorful tracksuitsv GameCircle(Amazon)leaderboard------------------------------------------------------Zompy Jumpy features simple yet very challenging endless runner gameplay were you use your hand eye coordination skills to jump over dancing and walking dead zombies! Don't be a chump, get ready to jump! See how many seconds you can survive against a hoard of dance dance zombies. Features 8-Bit retro inspired graphics and audio.------------------------------------------------------8-Bit Avrin Apps
Operating System Android