Zombie Pop

Zombie Pop has 80 exciting and colorful levels. You will be given 3 axes per level to pop as many of the floating zombies heads as you can.Judge both your speed and direction in which you launch your axes to pop as many as possible, or become a pro and pop them all! There are 8 sections of levels all with a certain amount of stars to be collected so you can unlock each of the new areas for more zombie popping levels.Try to pop all of the heads that appear on your screen as the more you pop, the more stars you will be awarded after all 3 axes have been thrown and completing the level.Within this game you will be able to pop multiple different heads.Different Zombie Heads To Pop!- Girl Zombies - These are explosively Hot.- Frankenstein Zombies - They will zap and become invincible for a very short period of time.- Pan Head Zombies - These little guys have, as you can imagine... pans on their heads. These zombies require the axe to hit them twice so plan your throws when you see these.- Exploding Zombies - These, once hit by an axe can blow up any boxes around it. Makes things alot easier if these obstacles are in your way of getting those all important 3 stars.- Police Zombies - These particular heads will change size constantly, Best advice to give you would be to wait until they are as big as can be enabling you to throw your weapons at them and pop their huge heads with ease.Always remember that you are required to earn a specific amount of stars to progress to the next levels and areas in order for you to progress.Are you good enough to get 3 stars in each level?!
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