Zombie Bug Crush

If you love crushing zombie or smashing bug ants, well you will love this game as well. Zombie Bug Crush is a combination of Zombie and incest smashing.Zombie Bug Crush is an addictive game to play. It is challenging and fun to play. All the zombies, zombie ants and zombie bug came running to you at random speed. Sometime these zombies creature walk very slow and sometimes they walk very fast. So be quick to catch them and tab to kill these infected creatures. Do not let them reach at the end of the road, when they do reach the end of the road, these horned zombies will kill you and that means it is game over for you. So, Use your finger to tap on the zombies to smash and eliminate them before they reach to you to your brain. Feel the trill and suspend as you play this zombie crushing and bug smashing game.You can crush these zombies with easy in the early stage. But when you are in higher stage all the zombies are difficult to crush as there can run very fast. The zombie leader will appear at the final stage. To kill the zombie leader you need to tab many times. His amour is very thick and hard to penetrate. Once the leader is dead all the zombies' bugs and zombies will die. You may not able to kill zombie or bugs with guns or grenades but, your tabbing finger will be your ultimate weapon. Show no mercy for zombie and bugs, kill them all.There is fascinating fact about zombie Bug. Zombie ants can be controlled by a parasitic fungus. A parasitic fungus that reproduces by manipulating the behavior of ants emits a cocktail of behavior-controlling chemicals when encountering the brain of its natural target host, but not when infecting other ant species, a new study shows.Ophiocordyceps camponoti-rufipedis, known as the 'zombie ant fungus,' controls the behavior of carpenter ant workers - Camponotus rufipes - to die with precision attached to leaves in the understory of tropical forests. . Once inside its insect host, the fungus manipulates the brain of the ant, driving the insects toward a nest. Once there, powerful neurochemicals in the brain force the ant to clasp onto a plant or other vegetative matter before the animal dies. The fungus then bursts through the exoskeleton of the deceased insect, and spreads spores into the air to infect other ants.Although these fungi infect many insects, the species that infect ants have evolved a mechanism that induces hosts to die attached by their mandibles to plant material, providing a platform from which the fungus can grow and shoot spores to infect other ants It manipulates its victims to die in the vicinity of the colony, so it can drop infected spores onto the ground and infect others.How to Play:- Simply tab the zombies or zombie bug to smash-kill them.- Don't hit the innocent kids, he is just passing by.- Do not let zombie or bug reach at the end of the road.- Endless game play.Be the fastest zombie ant crusher but do not smash that cute boy, he running away from all the zombie and bugs. That innocent boy may look alike with the zombie. So do not get confused, they do look different. Killing that boy will make the game end.The game takes Zombie and bugs to a new height with HD graphic, stunning background audio and addictive game play. Download now and start smashing zombie and ants/bug.
Operating System Android