You Shall Not Path

You Shall Not Path is an endless runner maze in flat design. You control a small circle with your finger that navigates through pathways with obstacles and traps. You must be cautious in the maze, for all rooms hold their danger. As time goes on, the scrolling of the screen increases in speed and adds difficulty to the maze. The rooms will change color sporadically, adding yet another element of gamer stress.As you progress in the maze, you will notice the sharp metal teeth at the bottom of the screen. If you touch these or leave the screen, you will lose.Simple rooms will become harder to deal with, as speed increases. The Maze holds 34 different rooms that each has a way to function. Some seem easy, but as you are speeding through the corridors, you will find yourself cursing at your screen.In You Shall not Path, you will find:- 34 random rooms- Colors changing as you go further into the Maze- A labyrinth that is always different- Traps that will make you tear out your hair- Music by Alex F that truly sends you into a trance- Hours of fun trying to defeat the current high score of 700!So we say to you: "You - shall - not - path !"
Operating System Android