Wizard of War

Does the name bring back the good memories?Well, it's back, and it's more stunning then it ever was! "Wizard of War" is remake of the old game classic, bringing back the fight. With beautiful, stunning graphics, multiplayer mode, incredibly simple gameplay and unique features, this game is sure to bring fun to your gaming life.** Multiple play modes - challenge, campaign** Unique dungeons** Beautiful graphics** Coop or player-vs-player mode (soon)** Optimized engine** Change controller type (Accelerometer, Joystick)For those familiar with the original, tune in to the story and beat all the monsters in the dungeon. For those **NEW** to the whole story, please read the below hints:* Goal is to clear the dungeon of all the monsters* After each type of monsters is killed an advanced one will come, until fly-like creep appears. Kill it to trigger double score dungeon.* Prevent the fly from escaping the dungeon* Wizard will appear on certain dungeons... Beat him, or be beaten!Be sure to remember:* You can fire only one bullet at a time. Be careful when and what you shoot at ** Some creeps have special abilities * * You **CAN** kill the other Warrior! ** Team play usually pays off ** You have limited lives *
Operating System Android