Wizard Hex Duel (Free)

Wizard Hex Duel is an arcade style passion project created by two guys who wanted to deliver a quality experience. Limited only by your mind, combine your arsenal from 40 different spells to create combinations to turn your foes into dust. Melt, freeze, and crush your opponents to prove your ranking in the arts of the arcane. Reflect fireballs back to their caster, teleport away from harms reach, or hide behind an army of summoned beasts! Every spell comes with unique strengths and drawbacks. Trade power for speed or versatility for protection. You do not have to enter the fray alone! Hot seat multiplayer allows you to bring your friends in on the fight! Turn your friendships into rivalries and your rivalries into friendships as you outlast your adversaries.The full version of Wizard Hex Duel is now available!HollowLeaf would like to thank Amit Patel for creating a fantastic guide to Hexagonal Grids that can be found at http://www.redblobgames.com/grids/hexagons/Sounds are derived from several authors from Freesound.org including:Robinhood76CarlosSolano019punpcklbwurupinthemfishJoelAudio
Operating System Android