Wiki For Minecraft

Completely up to date with Minecraft 1.7.4*** Previously titled "Minecraft Wiki" - this is the same App, with a sparkling new name!The ultimate source of Minecraft Wiki info at a great price!All the crafting recipes at your fingertips - fast info, organized for speedy usage. All the stuff you need to know about: Mobs, Biomes, Crafting, Recipes, Smelting, Weapons, Tools, Trading, Tips&Tricks, Potions and Enchantments!-How do I kill the Enderdragon? It's in here.-How do I get to The End? It's in here.-Best Monster Trap to maximize XP? It's in here.-How do I build an Iron Golem? It's in here.-How do I build a Nether Portal? It's in here.-How do I brew Splash potions? It's in here.-How do I Enchant a sword? It's in here.-Egg Factory for unlimited chickens? It's here.-How do I tame Wolves and Ocelots? It's in here.-How do I trade with Villagers? It's in here.It's all in here - buy this quick before you get blown up again by another creeper! Hey, what's that sound coming from behind you? "Ssssssssssaaaay, that's a nice App you've got there. Can I ssssseeeeeeee?" ...Boom!
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