Radical Rodney Free | Arcade

The retro arcade game you have been waiting for!Get ready for classic retro action that will bring you back to the glory days of the arcades and high scores!Key Features:* High score leaderboards, to compete with friends* Tilt controls - to move character + bump enemies off platforms* PowerUps + special items* Boss battles* Classic arcade style gameplay* 8 bit music and sound* Saves high scores* 4 different worlds to unlockWelcome to the strange and exciting world of Radical Rodney. Waking up one morning confused, Radical Rodney finds himself on an island of glass in the sky. He soon realizes that there are strange creatures after him, and his only way to survive is to bump them off the platform they stand on. The suspended platform is extremely high up, and Radical Rodney is scared of what lies beneath. He proceeds with caution going forward, not sure what to expect. As the day progresses, it starts to get dark out. Radical Rodney knows that once the sun goes down the nightmare will only become even more of a reality. Help Radical Rodney make it safely back home before it's too late.Forced to put on his sunglasses because of the sun's glare, Radical Rodney soon realizes that his old sunglasses yield magical power and can give him extra strength to bump away monsters. Tilt your device in the desired direction to move Radical Rodney, and touch anywhere on the screen to activate the magic sunglasses.Enjoy that old-school 80's style game. The look, feel, and challenge are all there, including bonus items and power-ups. With its adrenaline pumping intensity and obstacles, you will need to sharpen your skills and have good timing to make it far.A great pick for both casual and hardcore gamers, providing quick on the go fun as well as difficult levels that will have you returning to set the new high score.Try Radical Rodney Free Today!!!END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT:http://www.laugh2death.com/EULA.html
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