Galaxy Invader - Space Arcade

An intense space shooter (shoot 'em up)arcade game with 50 varied levels, all free to play. You're stranded in the deep-space galaxy, in the middle of star-fields and nebula. With your UFO-shaped spaceship, you're surrounded by strange enemy ships, monsters, asteroids, meteors and aliens. Quickly grab power ups which will equip the UFO space-ship with weapons, shield-generator, and more. Some power-ups will create black-hole which will suck enemies and destroy them.Collect Power ups. There are many weapon variations that you can find by moving over power-up pods, including rapid bullets, lasers, and pulsating beams. The damage caused by vary by the weapon type, so pick carefully and don't forget to pick up the health/shield power-up to refill. If the health bar of your spaceship is depleted, you'll lose the game, but restarting is easy because the game saves the levels you have beaten, so you don't have to restart from the first level every-time.Watch out as the game can become intense relatively quick, and you'll frantically try to escape meteors, asteroids, and huge boss level. Avoid the enemy ships, aliens, obstacles and bullets. Enemies will attack, fire or shoot at your ship. Some will fly in attack formations, travel in path, shoot or unleash bullets hell. Some will kamikaze style to ram and crash into your UFO space-ship. Some will even gang up like insects to try to overwhelm your spaceship. Destroy them before they destroy your ship.Your spaceship will fire automatically on the nearby enemies. As you progresses the levels become crazier and crazier with more mayhem, and eye-popping special-effects. No joystick or keyboard required. Just navigate your spaceship by simple touch-and-drag interface. (On-screen directional pad is available as an Option.)Features- Intense space-shooting arcade fun, free with no In App Purchase required.- 3D models are used for the ships, enemy critters, asteroids, meteors.- 50 levels (waves)of to conquer, with variety of enemy-types, movements, path, formations.- Rich sound effects and music.- Particle "hit" effects and explosions.- Variety of weapon power-ups (laser, bullets, beams, blasters, sweeping pulsars).
Operating System Android