Gold Robbery - Pixel West Mafia FPS Shooting Game

Top #1 western game full of fighter mafia cowboys way out in westSurvive in dead summer heat in top western themed exciting 3D action adventure game! Explore battle of mafias as a cowboy, winning every fight against evil west mafias in this cool fps mafia game story, now!This cowboy bandit versus hunter gameplay showdown is as real as it gets. In far west mafia desert city modern gun 3D game only the best player can survive. Play as a cowboy rider with complete vest armor chasing bandit mafias in this mobile gun fps story. Enter to win this western style free online fps game and win cool achievements during this showdown. Collect modern inventory with advance weapon and proceed further to find hidden west mafia loots. As a great far west cowboy lone rider, handle your horse with easy controls in this western city. Fight gangster bandits in redemption with your modern pistols and rifles. Show no mercy to shoot six hunter bandits in this action fighting game.This is age of western themed action games of west that you have ever played. It's all your call!Game Features:- Marvelous western style town environment.- Cowboy hunter character with horse riding theme.- Different shooting & fighting skill display.- Map indication instructions and objectives.- Awesome sounds effects and background music.
Operating System Android