Space Wingmen : Stylish Arcade Shooting

The evolution of a classic arcade shooting game!Create your own flight formation and stop the enemy from conquering space!Create a flight formation to face overwhelming numbers of enemies and destroy the boss by equipping 'Fighter' weapons.Playable with simple one-handed controls with ultimate skills.Experience the wingmen and fighters with minimalistic and stylish design.Evade and destroy the bullets and enemies that fill the whole screen and feel the excitement of the breathtaking shooting game![Game Characteristics]-Classic arcade, fly & shoot game : Fight through a variety of patterns, enemies and obstacles.-Minimalistic and stylish graphics : Collect wingmen and fighters with unique and surreal graphics.-Evolving Spacecrafts : Upgrade wingmen and fighters to make them more powerful-Various game modes : Dynamic battles in over 100 stages with the chance to compete with other players in Infinity Mode.-Low capacity, no additional downloadsOfficial Facebook page : Center :
Operating System Android