Triple Jump - Track & Field Long Jump Master

Objective :Jump as high as you can by avoiding obstacles to reach high score. It's a Simple, Endless and Addictive Game play.Game control and Game play :Tap your screen to move the ballYou need to cross the obstacles by jumping over themOnce you tap the screen you can make up to three jumpswithout touching the ground againTo reach high score you need tojump over the obstacles as far as you canCollect stars and use them to unlock new ballsGame will over when your ball hits to the obstacleBenefits :Mind refreshing game playGreat time killer gameAlso boosts attention and concentrationTricks and Tips :To continue with the longer game playIt requires timely tapHave coordination with your hand and eyesStay active while playingJump over obstacles at correct distanceGame Features :Simple Tap mechanismGlobal Leaderboards to Challenge friends with highscoreSoft store to unlock new ballsUse Share option to share score with friends
Operating System Android