Roll On Move, Jump and Catch Up Adventures

Objective :Make ball to roll and escape it from the obstacles to reach high score and play more missions. It's highly addictive and challenging game play.Game control and Game play :Swipe left or right to move ball accordinglyWhile playing you will come across different obstaclesYou need cross all the obstacles to reach high scoreEnjoy game play in day and night modeYou need to unlock 3 category balls likeRegular balls, Flag balls, Rare ballsCollect more diamonds to unlock new ballsCollect more rings to unlock rare ballsIn game over you will have missionsMission starts by watching video or by timeMission ends by skip mission or by achieving the goalGame over occurs when ball hits the obstacleBenefits :It is an brain game helps to increases reflex skillsHighly challenging and great time killer gameAnd also Boosts attention and concentrationMind Refreshing game playTricks and Tips :To continue with the longer game playGreat precision and Timely tapStay always focused while playingHave coordination with hand and eyesGame Features :Simple swipe mechanismGlobal Leader board to Challenge your friends with the best high scoreShare option to share score with friendsSoft store to unlock new balls
Operating System Android