Bing Bang

Objective :Save Bing from the obstacles to reach high score. It's minimalist, challenging, and fast paced one touch arcade game play.Game control and Game play :Touch screen to slow down the bingSave bing from the obstacles by touching the screenCollect white round objects to score moreGame over occurs when the bing touches the obstaclesGame play shows different Shapes and colored obstacles based on score progressBenefits :Great brain game helps to improve reflex skillsAlso boosts attention and concentrationChallenging and Time killer GameTricks and Tips :To continue with the longer game playStay always focused while playingBetter Coordination with hand and eyesConcentrationTimely holdGame Features :Simple one touch controlsIncludes different shapes like square and rectangleIncludes different colors obstacles like, red, blue, orange...Global Leaderboards to Challenge friends with highscoreShare option to share score with friends
Operating System Android