Paw Puppies GO

Are you crazy fans of paw, puppy or dog lover?This game: Paw Puppies GO is a catching paw game in realistic environment!In Paw Puppies GO, you will be brought into beautiful real-life scenery. Explore new places to discover different type of paw puppies within your neighborhood. After you have open the application, choose between 2 game mode you wish to play. The main goal of the game is to capture as much puppy as possible. Time limit depends on the level. The dog will patrol around the area, catch them before it's too late!With capturing gameplay and numerous reward, even young children and kids are able to participate.[ How to Play ]# Use pocket ball to capture adorable baby paw.# You can only hold up to three ball as default.# Get more pocket balls by tapping the screen on the left below.# Tap screen capture when ponies appear.# Baby Dog are super fast, you need several attempt to capture it before they escape. But do not worry, use the points you obtain to unlock more powerful ball to win the game.Run and rush with time can be very fun and challenging.Hours of addicting gameplay waiting for you!Be the top #1 among your friends today!
Operating System Android