Gekko Run

+ Simple Controls- Addictive Gameplay+ Low memory space- Hard to beat 100+ Totally free and NO ADSEverything about this game is designed for the casual player, looking to pass time without draining their phone battery or consuming precious data. The black screen and minimalistic display conserve battery life, and a nothing-but-the-game design maintains a tiny footprint on your memory disk. The app is 100% free to play without interruptions from advertisements. Just concentrate, navigate, and try to beat your high score!Tap on the left and right halves of the screen to steer through oncoming waves of multicolored barriers / walls/ lines. If you enter the barriers at a colored segment matches your own color, proceed! Congratulations on earning your first point! If you see a line of a singly color approaching, don't panic if it doesn't match your current color! Those walls will simply change your player's color, so adjust accordingly!
Operating System Android