Knife Strike

Knife Makers Are Ready To Knife Strike Per Phone ??The knife game has attracted great attention by attracting attention of all mobile lovers in recent times. We offer Knife Strike, a visual and entertaining game for lovers of style games.Knife Strike measures your hit and reflexes with fun and exciting parts.If you stick to the target while playing each section, you can move to the next section if you determine the amount of knives required. On every 4 episodes and floors you can get more points as you encounter the boss target.When playing the game, your target is to go to more advanced levels by stabbing more knives.With more than one knife in your store you can get more knives and experience different shooting experiences.In the knife strike, you can get a knife for 100 apples randomly at the other shop part.You can earn 50 apples by watching the award-winning video and you can get the blades with the apples you win.By sharing your scores with your friends, you can turn Knife Strike into a more entertaining game. Competition with your friends will put you in a relentless and exciting high-score race.In order to get rid of ads in the game, you can remove ads altogether by pressing the remove ads button in the settings section.Knife Strike Features- Advanced store system- Score sharing feature- ScreenShoot receiving feature- Winning apples watching a winning video ad- Ability to resume on the fly by following an advertisement- Multiple HD blade modelsFor all and more, just send me a free download of Knife Strike Start playing now ..
Operating System Android