Helix Ball Drop

Helix Ball Drop with the ball falling down and dropping balls with bouncing balls and ball drop on the helix, Helix Ball Drop game.Rotate Left or right to drop the ball down but avoid landing on the red hot blocks in the Helix Ball Drop Game. Ball drop to fall down the helix. Drop the ball and rotate the wheel to further drop the ball down. Dropping balls had never been this much fun before and bouncing balls on the helix block looks awesome. Falling down further gives you more points and fall down skipping a few blocks to survive landing on the red block.If the ball drop on the red block it is game over. Helix Ball Drop and ball bounce and decide to rotate the helix left or right.Ball jump or Helix Ball Drop has never been this much fun before and bouncy ball, ball jumping balls on the floor faultlessly is hypnotizing. When balls bouncing and rolling hills on the helix catches the flash powerup it smashes through the helix tiles like cake and becomes unstoppable. When the bouncy balls meets the spinning it's the ultimate fun.Download this amazing fun Helix Ball Drop game for free and play offline without the need of wifi.Features of Helix Ball Drop drop Game :+ Helix Ball Drop drop Game has very addictive gameplay.+ thrilling and fun running Jump adventure+ frenzied, addicting and fast game experience+ easy game to play with one-touch controls+ There are a lot of levels and more coming .+ beautiful, stunning and smooth graphics+ great music and intense sound effects+ small APK file size to download in short time.- Different helix designs for Maze jump and Helix Ball Drop game.Play and share Helix Ball Drop drop Game with your friends and families now.
Operating System Android