Fat Dot

Rules1. You are the small gray dot. Desktop is mouse control, mobile is tilt control.2. Touching any other dot results in a game over.3. After some amount of time, your dot will be charged, indicated by turning green and a sound effect.4. While charged, click and hold to put out your spikes. You can have your spikes out for 5 seconds.5. Touching another dot while spikey will pop that dot.6. The resulting explosion can pop other dots for a chain reaction.7. You do not earn points until the chain ends. The points you earn is the number of explosions squared.8. Your dot grows a bit every time a dot explodes. Be careful of getting too big.9. Move your dot towards the edge of the screen to shrink and end the chain early.10. Some dots will also have spikes. Any dots with spikes are invincible while their spikes are out.
VersionShamshel 3:6
Operating System Android