On a holiday morning in the magical land of Ethiopia, Kukulu, the brave chicken, is about to be slaughtered by her captive farmer. Can you help her escape and run for her life?In this epic magical adventure, you play the role of Kukulu, as you escape your slaughterer and run for your life away from the small village through a suburban city and into an enchanted forest. Along your way, you face your foes with the aid of your two magical guardians, pigeon and crow, leading the way and dropping you magical items that you use to avoid the obstacles that come your way. You collect seeds and gems along your way which help you upgrade your magical powers and purchase cool magical items that come in handy. What's special about this game is the truly unique and beautiful Ethiopian and African experience that has been designed into every character, scenery, and music of the game. Whether you are an African looking for a beautiful game that relates to your decent, or you're looking for a unique gaming experience with a theme and style that you've never experienced before, this is the game for you.This version allows you to play the full first level of the game. After playing it for a while, if you decide that you're interested in playing the full version, it's available as an In-app purchase of $0.99 right there without the need to download another version of this game.Follow us on facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/kukulugame/(Kukulu, Kukulu Game, Ethiopian Game, African Game, Qene Technologies, Gebeya)
Operating System Android