Puppy Mountain Patrol: Rescue Team

Puppy Patrol presents you new exciting adventures! Rescuers go to the mountain places, where firefighters or even emergency service 911 couldn't get! Today Puppy Patrol will tell you the story about the brave mountain rescuer, who is fond of extreme kinds of sport and is always ready to help anybody in danger. It means that extreme exciting adventures, profi feats, unbelievable simulator wingsuit in the mountain gorges and other dynamic family games for boys and girls are waiting for us!Everybody likes to watch cartoon about puppies and about Puppy Rescue Patrol. But cartoon can't have those emotions which we get by playing games by ourselves! The cartoon can't give those emotions, which we could get when we, like real firefighters, come to the building on fire and save all the people! It is much more better to play dynamic games about heroes rescuers than just to watch cartoons. It is going to be a lot of adventures! There is one town, high in the mountains, where usually happens something. And the emergency service is not always ready to come for a call. But one of the citizens of this town is a brave mountain rescuer Romeo! Has mail plane lost all the letters in the mountains? Have exotic parrots flown away? Do geologists need to collect the samples of minerals? Has the UFO been broken in the mountains? Don't worry! Our brave rescuer has taken his most difficult task! It means that a lot of levels and even more exciting adventures on the mysterious and wild mountain peaks are waiting for us.If you like extreme kinds of sport, unbelievable feats and mountain wingsuit, then you will like our family simulator about mountain rescuers. Puppy patrol, as well as an emergency service 911, hurry up to help anybody in trouble! Brave rescuers invite you to their team! New adventures are waiting for us!
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