Stickman Ninja Archer Fight

Stickman ninja archer adventure fight game, you are on a journey of defeating dark world of evil stickmen ninja's which have many different evil forces with a lot of weapons, bows and archer. Get ready for the exciting stickman game where you can be the master of archer fight. Challenge your enemies with the deadly combination of archery and shurikens. Be the stickman legends ninja hero and use your deadly skills to defeat the dark stickman legends ninja forces. In this stickman ninja archer fight game; you have to hunt down evil ninja archers which are attacking the village. Become a legendary stickman ninja bow master and shoot enemy ninja stickman archers in this archery shooting game. You can use other throwing weapons like in this archer fight to take down enemies. Destroy all bow stickman legends ninja archer with your amazing archery fighting skills before they knock you down with their bloody weapons. This Stickman killing game having amazing features but headshot killing is the mind blowing. Save your self with fun like stickman mentalist by moving up and down. We all want to become stickman warriors this game can do that be a stickman warrior now. As a stick bowman ninja archer, you have to take down as many stickman ninjas as you can. It's one destruction of stickman hunter against many. You have unlimited number of arrows and you can deflect enemy arrows using your aim and arrows. So, get in the battlefield and use your skills and luck to stop the legends rampage from the enemy stickman fight games. They also got some nice abilities such as protection shield, poisonous arrows which can take you down in one hit. The amount of enemy stick bowman ninja increase with time, so more you play and the more enemy you will be facing. Get the highest score by hunting as many enemy stickman hunter as you can in this rampage archer fight game. Download this bow stickman ninja archery game and enjoy the ultimate battle, use your skills and stop these dark stick bowman ninja archers to attack the village. Do let you know what you think about it and what changes you would like to have in coming updates. Rate this game, enjoy and feel the amazing effects of this realistic physics of arrow shooting game.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 4.1 and up